Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Artist Profie - Treasurer

Who is Treasurer? I caught wind of Chicago's Treasurer through some friends and Pig Roast Alumni, and was immediately intrigued. Consisting of bass, drums and synth (dubbed "basement synth" in the below interview), Treasurer's sound is spacious, heavy, mysterious and experimental all at once. We're happy to have them share their first show with us at the pig roast!

Check out an interview with Maya Nash (synth/vocals) below, as she shares background on the band's history, style and goals. You can also check out their song, "The Country Is Behind Me!"

You guys are a new band, and the pig roast might be one of your first shows. How did you form? Have you played in other groups before? Where did the name come from?
Maya Nash: We have all known each other for over seven years. I’ve always wanted to start or contribute to some kind of music project but my background is in architecture and that field, especially while in school, is pretty all consuming. So after I graduated the guys were looking to start a new project for whatever reason and asked me to be part of it. In a way, I felt that I needed to reacclimate to the world outside studio and school. I thought the band would be a great way to apply myself creatively in a different format than what I was used to which is much more visual.

No [Editor: Maya hasn't played in other groups]. We kicked around a few ideas before settling on Treasurer. Did you know that every combination of noun, verb, and adjective is already a band name? I like it because I am obsessed with money. I would like to have some someday. I have not yet figured out how to make this happen except to name my band Treasurer. It’s an “if you build it” situation.

I know it may be a standard question, but since you're newer I wanted to ask also what your influences are. Your Bandcamp lists a genre as 'basement' and 'synth' - can you elaborate?

I play an analog synthesizer. We used to live in the basement of our building while I was in grad school. It was not that great, we were robbed and flooded. It will definitely influence my decision not to live in another basement in my life. I think maybe Henry was referring to a less polished, more immediate aesthetic to the music. I appreciate an atmosphere of obsessive tinkering, maybe that’s what the “basement” part refers to.

You've got two tracks on Bandcamp already. Can you tell me about them? Are you working on an album or an EP? If so, can you share any details?
 I can tell you a little about the process at this point. Hank and Robby work out a basic song structure and I concern myself with the overall idea of the song. I say things like, “this one is all about winning” or “its a party that is sad like a middle school dance” but I don’t know if that really helps anyone besides me.

We are in the process of recording a couple of demos on our own. I was really hoping you would ask me if I had ever been to a pig roast before. I would have told you that I used to work at a barbeque restaurant for over 6 years but I was a vegetarian the entire time. I’ve handled so much pulled pork, it’s ironic and disturbing.

Treasurer - The Country Is Behind Me by RockPigRoastChi

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