Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 Artist Feature - Michael Lux and the Bad Sons

So Lollapalooza is finished, but August is by no means over!

This year we're very excited to have Michael Lux and the Bad Sons join the Rock and Roll Pig Roast. I first got wind of this band last year when I saw this video of them rocking out at the Empty Bottle, and I thought to myself something like "Holy SHIT!"

Loud, guitars, solos, blaring drums.... everything I like. I was sold, and it didn't take long to realize these guys are going for it 100%. Not much else is needed to be said about this band except DON'T MISS them.

Check out the interview with Michael Lux below, and also listen to "Salt and Pepper!"

Your band name leads with your full name. How did you form? Is this more of a fleshed out solo project, or do you write as a bull band? 

I originally started this project on downtime from another band. I had all the tools and instruments to record but no material to put down, so I took a stopwatch and timed out 30 minutes.  When the timer was up, that was the song and I'd record it just after.  I did this for a few days until I had the 5 songs that are on the Neat Repeater EP.  It was mostly for myself, until I my girlfriend staged an intervention with Marc and Gen from Company of Thieves who convinced me to put it out.  So for the first few months, it was essentially a solo project, as I'd grab my friends from other groups to back me up live.  After awhile, we found Otto (our keyboard player) and Paul (our drummer) and it's become more of a unit, us writing things together and building stuff around a rough template. 

I heard you were the Clash for Halloween or part of a Clash band. How was the Halloween/cover experience for you and the band? 

I was in a Clash tribute at Double Door for Halloween.  I was sitting in with AM Taxi for a few months, which was really fun.  Playing 77' Mick Jones was a dream fulfilled for me actually! I don't really get all crazy about tribute stuff, but I borrowed a white les paul and we completely geeked out on the wardrobe and I have to admit I was really into it!  Plus, I got to sing "Train in Vain," which I was wanting to try live in The Bad Sons anyway.  The crowd was mental with singing and moving and all Halloweened out, my English friends got into a healthy scrap with some dickheads and I think for all of us on stage, just as friends jamming our quintessential Clash set in front of a sold out crowd, it was an incredible experience... I'd do it again tomorrow.

You just released a two song single, "Salt and Pepper" just a few weeks ago. Is this part of a full length, or was it simply a single? Where did you record it? Is it true you built your own studio? Any other plans for 2012?

We just released a two song free single, for "Salt and Pepper," which was a music video (Check the video here!) we had made a few months back.  This is a different mix than the video though, and much better sounding!  We have been acquiring gear at Otto's studio, Ottopilot, and building it up for the better part of a year.  Colin and I produced The Young Distractions EP in there and it was a great experience.  Since then we've been working out our own full length record, and it will all be ready in due time.

Until then, apart from building that record and playing the show here and there, we'll all be busy running round;  Joe's writing a musical and my psychic told me it's going to Broadway, Colin's always in the studio working with artists, I have a project in the works with a few members of the opposite gender.  All stuff to look out for. 

Michael Lux and the Bad Sons - Salt and Pepper by RockPigRoastChi

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