Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 Artist Feature: ZED

I heard about ZED through some friends of mine who are in the Chicago Stone Lightning Band, which was one of the bands that played the 1st Annual Rock and Roll Pig Roast.We all had so much fun watching the CSLB rip it up last year that I knew this group was going to be good. Based on what we've heard so far, I don't think we'll be disappointed when they kick things off this year.

Check out the interview with drummer John Dugan to learn more about ZED's style, formation and future. You can also hear a live track from a recent gig at the Hideout!

Can you tell me about how ZED came about? I know some of your members are/have been in other Chicago bands. Why start ZED?

ZED emerged from the Chicago Stone Lightning Band (which is still kicking and has a debut album coming in September on Downtown Records and shows later in the year) and VEE DEE. Nick D'Vyne also played with our bassist Mark Lux in Plastic Crimewave Sound a few years back. John has been in CSLB, Perfect Panther, the Tax here and was in Edsel, Chisel, Colour, and other bands in DC area. Dan played in the Brides and various other bands.

The original idea was to give life to Nick's songs that didn't fit Vee Dee or CSLB. At first, the tunes seemed to be very rock with a soul infusion a la the MC5, but the songs have been pretty varied. They don't fit neatly in any genre and the band doesn't seem to be boxing itself in one category, so that's exciting.

You described ZED to me as "soulful punk rock" - can you elaborate on that? When ZED's on Pandora, what other artists' tracks would you be sandwich between?

It just seemed like an apt, if vague, shorthand description of the band. We've all played in punk bands, but this one definitely has a soul or R&B influence oozing through it.

[for Pandora] Ton Steine Scherben, The Stooges, MC5, Blue Cheer, Television, CAN, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Motorhead

Have you recorded anything or do you plan on recording anything in the future? If so, what exactly?

We're planning to record our current batch of tunes in our own studio—probably all analog and live. Also, we might not be called ZED for long.

ZED - Broken Beast (Live at Hideout) by RockPigRoastChi

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