Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 Artist Feature - Velocicopter

The best way I can describe and/or prepare someone to see Velocicopter is "Watch the fuck out!" This band does not mess around. I've now played two shows with them, each one getting heavier and gnarlier than the last.

We're really excited to have them join the pig roast and heat up the afternoon. Oh, don't forget to check out their BRAND NEW song "Drag" below and on our 2012 Rock and Roll Pig Roast Mixtape!

How long have you been playing together, and how did you form?

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing two scolding hot summers in two different rehearsal spaces with no air conditioning together… so about 2 years, maybe a little over. The sweat stain patterns that emerged from those sessions were priceless – inverted crosses, pentagrams and even one time a stain that slightly resembled the face of John Ritter.

David (guitar/vox) was in a band called Sweet Polly that my old band The Groodies played with several times back in the day. I was immediately impressed by his song writing and vocal style (90’s grunge throwback, reminded me a lot of Nirvana and Local H). We respected each other’s writing styles and decided to get together and see if we could create something. I knew Haywood (drummer) through mutual friends and knew he was a beast on the skins, so we all got together and just started writing without a definite “sound” in mind, just with the intention of creating songs that were heavy and hooky, with male/female vocal harmonies. Haywood and I had both been in bands previously with Brett (bass) and knew he was the last piece of the puzzle. No other bass player could compare. All of the members are definitely irreplaceable that’s for sure. Everyone is a master of their craft.

I think even the world's most boring person would get a laugh out of the artwork for your album, and also some of the posters I've seen associated with VCOP shows. I know (guitarist/ singer) Meghan is an artist, does she do art for the band?

I do! A lot of my band related art is “last minute” so it ends up being real tongue and cheeky, usually drawing reference from favorite childhood movies. When there’s extra time though I try to hand draw the posters and color them in photoshop (punk rock, man).  I figure if people don’t want to come to the show, at least they can get a chuckle or feel nostalgic about a certain image.

 I have to say, after seeing you for the first time I was pretty excited to hear a band that (in my view, at least) fully embraces the riff. Is riff-creating an active part of songwriting for you? Are you working on new material?

Major RIFF-age man. We do enjoy a good riff with a groove. I don't think we ever intentionally set out to be super RIFF based, it just kind of worked out that way.  I think the culmination of everyone playing together just brought that out. We are always trying to write new material; When we do, usually the core RIFF  is brought to the table, then we tweak a few things, find a solid groove, and run with it. Riff doesn't even seem like a word anymore.

Velocicopter - Drag by RockPigRoastChi


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