Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chicago's Hungry Hound Steve Dolinksky Talks Rock and Roll, Pig Roasts.

John Burks, one of the Rock and Roll Pig Roast co-organizers recently had the pleasure of speaking to Chicago's own "Hungry Hound," Steve Dolinksy, about music, concerts and pig roasts. John attended a pig roast held by Steve this summer.

Steve Dolinsky is an award-winning food and lifestyle journalist that you may recognize from ABC7 here in Chicago. Steve is re-launching his website on September 20th, and he is hosting a cooking class "How to roast a whole pig Cuban-style" on October 1st. In the meantime, you can keep up with Steve on Twitter or Facebook.

John: Hi Steve, thanks so much for the invite to your last pig roast.  It was one of the best events I’ve been to in my time in Chicago.  We wanted to get your perspective on our event since you are the unofficial Pig Roast master of Chicago.  So, my first question: What was the first rock concert that you went to, and what were your impressions?

Steve: I believe it was The Police, during the Synchronicity Tour, in Minneapolis.  I believe Ministry opened for them.  I loved it.

John: Fantastic.  Next question is, what album could you not live without?

Steve: Hmm, I would say Tears for Fears: Songs in the Big Chair.  Very big in High School.

John: Oh, I love it!  I love Tears for Fears.  Obviously, their peak was a little early for me, but I DJ from time to time, and I love playing them.  People always give me a weird look like “Oh wow, did you just break out some Tears for Fears”.  Ok, moving on, because I know you have a flight to catch, last question.  When you’re cooking at home, what’s playing in the background?  Are you listening to music? The news?  Silence?

Steve: Right now, we’re listening to a lot of Arcade Fire.  We’ll either have it playing on our outside speakers on the deck, or on the stereo inside.  Yeah, my whole family...we’re really liking Arcade Fire right now.

John: Nice.  We’ll I know you have to run Steve, so thank so much for taking a few minutes out of your....

Steve: Wait, I thought you were gonna ask me about pig roasts???

John:  Umm, yeah, we’ll I guess I can.  Our event is so much about the music, but yeah I should include an actual pig roast question....hmmm...ok, pig roasts seem like a passion of yours.  Why are you so in love with Lechon?  Why do you love pig roasts?

Steve: I guess it all started when I was a child, and not being able to have pork, since I grew up Kosher.  So it was a bit like a forbidden fruit type of thing.  There’s something special about roasted pig.  There’s nothing like it, from the spectacle of it all...the crispy skin.  And now it’s so easy with roasting boxes, that cuts the cooking time to 4 hours.  Like I said, it’s just such a great spectacle.

John: Yes, I totally agree.  I’ve been to 3 pig roasts this year, and everyone is having a blast.  Nothing beats the one of your house, but I think our Rock & Roll Pig Roast will be a great annual event where Chicagoans can enjoy some great music, delicious pig, and our last glimpse of summer.  I hope you can come by.

Steve: Sounds great, I have some other events to attend that day but I'll be sure to stop on by.

John: Thanks so much Steve.  Have a great trip!  See you in a few weeks.

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