Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Artist Feature: Bully in the Hallway

For full disclosure, I'm a member of Bully in the Hallway. I objectively can't say much about us other than we're my favorite band that I've ever been a part of. Bully has been around for a while now, and has always wanted to play outside. So, with the upcoming pig roast consisting of old friends and bands we admire, we couldn't be happier!

Listen to Bully in the Hallway's music here and NEW music here.

Here's an interview with John Matthew Simon, our singer.

Have you ever been to a pig roast? If so, when and how was it? Are any members of the band vegetarian?

Unfortunately I have only attended one before in my life… It was a few years back. It was incredible, nothing like the crispy skin of a freshly roasted swine. Haha, no way! I would be hard-pressed to even imagine a time or place where our quintet has gone sans-animal. I stand with Anthony Bourdain.

A fact that I know, that other people may not is that you have somewhat of a culinary background, working in a restaurant in Germany. What was that like? Can you see you’re self-returning to the fire?

Yeah, I spent a summer cooking at Le Petit in Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany… The chef I cooked under was a maniac like most, if not all chefs. I learned an incredible amount about life, food, and everything in between. Cooking, like music, is one of the few and ultimate therapeutic experiences. One gets to break down and recreate… I would love to return to the kitchen and restaurant experience… It’s a vivacious and wild time. 

photo by justin watson james

If you could cook for any artist (living or dead) what would you cook and to whom?

Tough question… I want to say Kurt Cobain, but with all his stomach issues I’m quite sure the meal would be rice and water… And Ian Mackaye is a vegan so the cooking would be mundane… So I would make Mick Jagger a Thomas Keller style Roast Chicken with some different veggies, potatoes, and some great Loimer Lois Gruner... Which is an incredible vino!!

What are Bully in the Hallway's plans for the fall and 2012?

Our plans are to put out our second LP “Crooks and their Castles” … Set-up some tours, play SXSW, get signed, and expedite our music… Dream big or go home!!

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