Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Artist Feature: Mannequin Men

I first saw the Mannequin Men play their record release of "Fresh Rot" at Cobra Lounge a few years ago. Since then I've seen them open for the Black Lips, as well as headline a Vitamin Water: Uncapped concert series show at the Viaduct Theatre (see VIDEO below!). Needless to say, we are very excited to have these guys play this roast. They are on the verge of releasing a new album this fall, so the Pig Roast should be a great opportunity to hear their raw rock and roll sound.

Mannqeuin Men Featured Video (with footage from Viaduct Theater Show in Spring, 2011) on NOISEY.COM

Mannequin Men on Facebook.

Here's an exclusive interview with guitarist/lead singer Kevin Kujawa.

Have you ever been to a pig roast? Are any band members vegetarians?
None of us have been to a pig roast, actually. Miles is a vegetarian so you should try to reserve some pig shaped grilled zuke for him. EDITORS NOTE: There will be vegetarian items available :)

Alive or dead, which musician would you invite to a BBQ (or pig roast…)
Whoa. Hard question. I'd have to say Bob Darin. Just because it'd be nice to talk to him. 

You've got a new album coming soon that I believe you recorded in Michigan. Aside from the location, was there anything different in the recording/song writing process from your previous albums?
Recording this album was quite different from how we'd done it in the past. Key Club is like a rock and roll dorm in the sense that you live there with Jessica and Bill and their dogs. It's nice to not have the temptation to go out and do shit and just focus on making a record. It was also nice to just be somewhere with your best friends making a record that wasn't Chicago. Chicago's our favorite t-shirt in the closet but sometimes you have to put it in the washer and wear something else. 

After the pig roast, you're playing a halloween show at the Empty Bottle with Football, the Outer Minds and Coffin. Can you divulge any details?
Ok, yeah, we can. We're playing as the Cure (1980). 

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