Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Artist Feature: The Record Low

I had the pleasure of playing with The Record Low twice, once at the Empty Bottle and once at The Hideout. I am always surprised and delighted by their unique style and tone; a song that could start out at nearly a whisper could end with (literally) firey, fuzzed out guitars swinging and dangling by their tuning pegs, tangled with Christmas lights hanging off the ceiling. Keep your eyes and ears open for a new Record Low album coming out.

Turns out southern native and lead guitarist Robby Haynes is no stranger to pig roasts. Here's an interview

Have you ever been to a pig roast? If so, when and what your experience like? Any vegetarians in the band?

I've been to, no shit, 20 or 30 pig roasts in my life (seems like a lot, but seriously, in North Carolina someone is cooking one of those fuckers every weekend...whether it's to celebrate a graduation or a birthday or wedding (read: civil union)...more than anything, it's a great excuse to drink a case of shitty beer, play horseshoes, listen to steve miller and puke in a ditch...and actually I believe the proper term is "pig-pickin".  A barrel (trash) fire is always a nice touch and a great way to dispose of the napkins, plates, and plasticware...

You have a new record coming out. I like to listen to music while cooking and this is partially a food-driven event. which track would make the best kitchen soundtrack?

I tried to cook some corn this weekend.  Corn is the bane of my existence. it's just corn right?  How do you fuck that up? Don't know, but it happens every time, undercooked, overcooked, or "look out!" it's on fire.  I knocked it out of the park once though.  It was fantastic, I did it on the grill...but only once. I really don't listen to music when i cook, and I don't cook often.  In fact, I just ordered to go food from this Jamaican place next door.  It's 28 bucks, and it'll be ready in 20 mins.  I think the Soft Boys were playing when I called it in, which is pretty cool I guess.  My Itunes was on shuffle though, so maybe I just got lucky. Soul Popcorn by Doc Oliver is on now. "Soul Popcorn, Alright, It hits the spot, a little salt and butter, soul popcorn, alright, it's gonna be out of sight, soul popcorn, Do your thing"  Never heard this song before, but I dig it.  Now he's telling me to put some hot sauce on my soul popcorn.  That's a metaphor.

Your from North Carolina - What's an example of a North Carolina staple dish or meal?

Petey Pablo, Bojangles, and a pack of Winston Lights in a Winn-Dixie parking lot. If your feeling lucky, you can seal the deal with a McFlurry and a D.U.I.

What are The Record Low's plans for the fall? Tour, SXSW 2012?


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